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Storyline: Dan (Varun Dhawan) is living the life of any carefree 21 year old, revolving around a bunch of friends and fellow hotel interns who feed off each other's everyday moments, their ups and downs. Shiuli (Banita Sandhu) is one such intern at the same hotel, who at times is at a receiving end of Dan's audaciousness. Life goes on until a sudden turn of events smashes Dan and Shiuli's lives together, into a bond that's unlike any 21 year olds. The emotional connection between them goes through a metamorphoses that brings out a form of love that's unlike any other eventually leading to an internal awakening. October is not a Love Story, but rather a story about love.

October (2018) on IMDb

Movie Title: October (2018)
Director: Shoojit Sircar
Stars: Varun Dhawan, Banita Sandhu, Gitanjali Rao 
Release Date: 13 April 2018 (India)
Genres: Drama, Romance 
Format: MatRoska (Mkv)
File Size: 1GB
Resolution: 1280x544
Runtime: 01:54:32
Language: Hindi
Subtitles: English [Softcoded] - Muxed
Encoder: MkvCage (MkvCage.Com) Team
Source:  DTOne

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  1. Lol okay for some reason i can’t find the web-dl of this movie posted earlier.. MAQ did you take it down..? 😅

    • Why would you want the Web-DL version except for its smaller file size when the BRRip is better quality?

      • Lol i didn’t want the web-dl.., i’m not stupid
        i was jus looking for it cuz i remember it was uploaded earlier and right after that was posted so was the movie ‘november’ so it was like a funny coincidence kinda xD
        and stop trying to make yourself look so smart, wannabe smartass! also like for instance when you were being such a annoying fuck and kept poking and insulting MAQ with your non-stop commenting about that movie Beast! .. Tell me, did you genunely like the movie that much or jus cuz of its 95% rotten tomatoes rating??

        • Yes, I genuinely wanted it because a good friend of mine worked on the film and I’d missed it at the cinema. Does that answer your question, actual smartass 😉

        • Re: October, the BRRip audio is out of sync. Better keep or download the Web-DL version!

        • lol sure your friend worked on the film 👍👍
          and yes thanks btw (not sarcastic) and i already knew its out of sync.. doesn’t bother me much..
          and if you had understood my comment in the first place youd know that the web-dl version is not there any longer.. and lol it seems like you still havent understood what i meant even after my explanation.. well…

        • There’s no option to reply to your previous comment. Did you disable it or it just isn’t there after a few replies?

          I understand you might find it hard to believe that I know someone who’d worked on the film but that’s your prerogative. You might even find this more dificult to believe: I went to film school and a few of the people there went on to bigger things. One of them is making Hollywood blockbusters. (I did add more details but deleted it as it might give too much clues to my identity if authorities snoop)

          Re: October, I understood what you meant the first time. The Web-DL is still on here and I’d redownloaded it after the audio sync issue with the BRRip. Here’s the link:


        • ok wait what??!?!? ok bro… there’s seriously something wrong here…

        • ok i jus noticed this weird thing.. the mirror site or whatever youre using is kinda different.. and there are no comments anywhere.. and surprisingly the post of october web-dl is there too!
          i used inversanet.com and im pretty sure if you search here you won’t find the web-dl post
          Here http://inversanet.com/november-2017-720p-amzn-web-dl-950mb/ , see the prev/next movie there is no October Web-Dl

        • Yeah, that is weird. Maybe MAQ can provide an explanation if he/she/they have the time?

  2. Glad I hadn’t watched the Web-DL version yet. Now I can watch this one instead.

    Thanks MAQ!

  3. Why cry a river on audio syn issue? Learn how to use mkvtoolnix and spend 5 secs correcting the delay. Pure dumb blondness on your part. Sigh.

  4. More curry-smelling Paki shit. I bet the movie ends before the woman gets gang-raped and murdered by the Pakis.

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