How to Download from inversanet.com


We have been getting lots of mails lately regarding How to download from inversanet.com.

Please check the video posted on How to Download page



  1. wow. why waste 2 minutes clicking popups and typing in some shit when you can just open the torrent/magnet. its just one click FFS. i dont understand this world anymore. download speed with torrent is even faster…

    • I have a premium Rapidgator. So, no pops for me and it supports upto 100MBps download.
      Still I guess its personal preference but your reaction is too dramatic.
      Anyways thanks to team for the How to video.

    • You don’t have to type anything…just copy and paste the URL address on your URL search box…haha

    • HTTP download is actually faster than torrenting, that is if nothing is limiting (site throttling, ISP throttling, etc.). Combine DDL with a multi-thread download manager, and it even gets faster. No need to seed, too, nor a VPN. The bad thing is, DDL links are often short-lived.

  2. i’ve been thinking about this for quite time, but i want to support mkvcage team, so i click and open popups and ads.

    no click = no money = no support = no mkvcage

  3. Openload and stramyourfiles is best for diwnloading if you dont have any premium account.
    Fastest download speeds.

  4. i always support mkvcage because they do not show too many website tags best encoder and uploader!!!

  5. I have no problem with any of the changes except for the extra step to download torrent links.

  6. it already 201888888888888888 … i repeat 20188888888888888 still someone dont know how to download …………it is caveman or from planet titan …damnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn -_-

  7. Ok so now how long do i have to see this post,every time i open this website,i see this post and which makes me realize how dumb people exist on this planet… urghh

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